Songs We Sing (4/13/14)

Lord willing, we will be singing a new, old song over the next couple of weekends. The song is How Sweet And Awful Is The Place by Isaac Watts and it wrestles with undeserved, free grace that was granted us in spite of our rebellion and depravity. It is a call to magnify that grace in our life and in the world by seeing and savoring Christ. 

Tim Keller says, “Religious people find God useful, Gospel people find Him beautiful.” In other words you will not taste the satisfaction and joy and beauty of God until you come to the end of your efforts to justify yourself—to make yourself righteous enough.

As you learn the song (or perhaps re-familiarize yourself with it), pray the Holy Spirit would let it remind you of God’s redeeming grace in Christ Jesus as we celebrate His death, burial, and resurrection.

Below you can listen and learn. Enjoy.

Here are our songs for this Lord’s Day:

  1. Beautiful
  2. On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand
  3. How Sweet And Awful Is The Place
  4. Nothing But The Blood
  5. Jesus Paid It All

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