Restorer of Life (Ruth 4)

In Christ, your story will be one of death and division and resurrection and redemption and restoration—of fertility made barrenness to be made abundantly fruitful at last. It is a fruitfulness that will cost you absolutely everything, but when you do finally let go—step off the side of that cliff and desperately and hopefully pray “Geronimo. Amen.”—you can finally rest. Rest assured, that He is the Restorer of life, that your Redeemer has secured your inheritance, and God is King.

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Strategic Righteousness (Ruth 3)

It’s my hope that as we grow up in our knowledge of Christ, Christ Fellowship Church will come to trust and to feel the sovereign kindness of God in all things—sweet and bitter. That from a firm hope in God, we would be a zealous and strategically righteous people who are completely reliant upon the grace and mercy of our Father.

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Divine Conspiracy (Ruth 2)

Before, Naomi could only see the bitterness of God’s providence. But it is like putting a cake into the oven and about halfway through you finally start to smell the sweetness. Now it is so obvious, there is a sweet aroma in the air—a sweetness that is beginning to be realized. This is not a result of Naomi’s planning, this is truly a divine conspiracy.

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