More Righteous Than I – Genesis 38

The Redeemer would come from Judah so God tells us the story of our father, Judah. And this story is anything but glamorous and dignified. In fact it is quite the opposite. It is the kind of thing we would try and stuff away and hope that one day everybody would forget about. This is the kind of family history that would bring shame on Judah’s descendants for generations.

But God does not tell this shameful story for the sake of shaming. He does not tell humiliating stories for the sake of humiliating, He tells us the stories of our father’s cowardice and unrighteousness for the sake of exalting Christ…

Christ came to strengthen the fearful and to make sinners righteous. This humiliating ancestry does noting but glorify the humility and sacrifice of Jesus. The ineffable love and grace shown by God in Jesus is magnified as we learn of kinds of people He saves and what we have been saved from.

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