I believe it is safe to assume you know by now that I am Caleb Ripple. I am the son of Jeff and Andrea and oldest of three siblings which include my sister Victoria and brother Spencer. I am a Christian. For you who appreciate more particulars, I’m of the post-millinial and calvinistic persuasion (meaning simply as per Doug Wilson, I believe “God is God, all the way up, all the way down, and all the way across”). I baptize my infant children and if you don’t already, I would love to try and convince you to do the same. Of course if you don’t appreciate my specificity please just stick with “I am a Christian.”

Vocationally speaking, I am on staff at Christ Fellowship Church in Taylor,Texas—a lovely gem of a town and I also direct an afterschool program for middle school boys.

I have been married since June 3, 2007 to a most wonderful wife, Erin. She is quite the homemaker and mother, and really loves the gospel.

Speaking of boys, we have five sons—Ephraim Alexander, Noah Elliot, Gideon Paul, our twins, Luke John Owen and Ezra John Calvin, and our girl, Evangeline Joanne.

I love waking up and kissing my wife and my kids, eating and drinking, working, mowing the grass, building things, listening to and making music, and reading stories outloud to little adventurers. These are a gift from God and all of this is mine only because of Jesus. The quote from Augustine sums up nicely this hedonistic philosophy, “Love God and do as you please.”

This is theology as it pertains to real, grimy hands-and-toes-in-the-mud life. The kind of life that exists far beyond black and white pages in the colorful world that God made. Where flowers and food and trees are born from mud and people grow inside of women. This is a happy, terrifying and scandalous world. So open your eyes, read some of my stuff if you’d like but probably you should just get off the internet and go make love or plant a tree or build a table or read a book.

Any way you decide to go from here at the bottom of my “about” section, I wish you well on your journey. May it be fecund and may you safely reach the city at the end of the road.