Pastors As Painters

(John Calvin, Commentary On Galatians And Ephesians, Galatians 3:1-5) “To shew how energetic his preaching was, Paul first compares it to a picture, which exhibited to them, in a lively manner, the image of Christ.   But, not satisfied with this comparison, he adds, Christ hath been crucified among you, intimating that the actual sight of Christ’s […]

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For your listening pleasure.

If you’d like to hear one of my favorite sounds ever then listen to this song. I Shall Not Be Moved This week we had an all age choir and we had a blast with this song.  I love to hear the saints—young and old, sing out! Play in new window | Download

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Prone to Wander

Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing is one of my absolute favorites songs we do.  Not only from the perspective of us playing it, but what it does to my heart when i do.  The lyric that for me is one of the most ‘cut you to the heart’ lyrics written is the line that […]

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Songs we sing!

Here are a couple of the songs from this weekend, you should enjoy them—we sure do!  (Even if the recording is subpar.) // Amazing Grace // You Have Redeemed my Soul Play in new window | Download

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The Stage—The Story

When you feel like just shutting it all down, closing the doors (imagining of course they’re mine to close).  People are so ungrateful, so selfish and self centered, i see it so clearly in myself and even more clearly in others.  Humanity is so lazy when it comes to all the right things and so […]

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‘In Chapel Style’

Had some fun recently with some friends (Tori, Spencer, and Mareli) in an old school gym built in the 30’s, i had to capture the moment and all i had was my phone… Click the link and have a listen if you like… *the link Play in new window | Download

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finished my own cleaning turned off the flow of water and now here i stand naked because i am alone when i look toward the mirror i see only the gray haze all that’s created is steam and  fleeting so appropriately a byproduct of my self-absorption depending on my timing and my position, could see despair […]

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