Let there be lights!

Lately, our goal was to be able to safely turn breakers on, and therefore we have been hooking up outlets, switches, light fixtures and smoke alarms.  It is exciting to be able to walk through the house and turn on lights…  We were dreading having to buy ceiling fans because they are so expensive or […]

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Second wind’s struck!

A touch of grey on the walls of our house will serve our purposes spot on: to let the colors of home tell a story.  Everything’s painted and we’re humbled and ecstatic to finally be at this point.   This coming January will mark the one year aniversery since we broke ground.  It will also mark […]

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First Light

We have turned on the first light ever in the house! Also, we have Sheetrock taped and floated and ready for texture… We are getting really excited!

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Alas, we’ve made progress!

I know, i know, it’s been a while.  Something about being a dad is pulling me away from my other things like writing and even working on our house.  But alas, we have made progress and quite a bit at that—at least since the last time i posted…  We have sheetrock now! Also, i haven’t […]

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