Divine Conspiracy (Ruth 2)

Before, Naomi could only see the bitterness of God’s providence. But it is like putting a cake into the oven and about halfway through you finally start to smell the sweetness. Now it is so obvious, there is a sweet aroma in the air—a sweetness that is beginning to be realized. This is not a result of Naomi’s planning, this is truly a divine conspiracy.

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Hope In Our Bones (Ruth 1)

As believers in Christ, the pattern of death then resurrection—darkness then light—is a familiar one, but it needs to be familiar in the right way. Hope must have roots in our bones, in order that we would be a people who do not forget God’s promise in the valley of shadows.

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On Rahab

Rahab was not only adopted into the Church, she was not just tucked away into some obscure corner of history, like we probably will be, but she was called and chosen to be apart of the blood line of the Messiah. Faithful Rahab was in God’s mind as a part of the ancient promise that the seed of the women would crush the head of the dragon.

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Gideon’s Baptism Exhortation

This Lord’s day Ej and I baptized our new baby, Gideon. Our church is non-denominational and has been historically credobaptist. After having to baptize my first two sons in private ceremonies the leadership finally agreed to allow the households to decide the matter for themselves rather than exclude families based on this particular belief. I am so grateful […]

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