Be Merry

Merry Christmas. So much more than a greeting or a salutation. Merry Christmas is code for “The Child has been born, the Savior King is alive. He is reigning and His Kingdom is increasing. And nothing and no one can stop it or slow it. He is coming again and I want you to know […]

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Merry Mother’s Day

With another Mother’s Day upon us, Jared Wilson recently quipped on twitter, “We love moms, so we’re gonna focus on Jesus this Sunday.” This witty line contains a much needed sentiment we in the church should all happily affirm. So go retweet it ASAP. Another good article in an ongoing series by Joe Carter, 9 Things You […]

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Prayer For Media

Our Father in Heaven, You are most worthy of all praise. Your word and Your world teach us that You have made everything for its purpose even the wicked for the day of trouble. We believe this. We look at the right leaning bias and the left leaning bias in the media today; we hear […]

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Do Likewise

As parents it is our natural disposition to protect our children. Obviously, this is not a bad thing. We can all recall instances, whether as a parent or a child, where we have experienced first hand this parental instinct. However, because we are all sinners by nature, this good and beneficial instinct, like the rest […]

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What About Tomorrow

Twenty children were brutally murdered today by a cowardly monster. All kinds of folks from a whole slew of political and ideological persuasions are weeping all over our nation and rightfully so. Flags fly at half-mast for these 20 children. No matter who we are or what we believe, we should in no way minimize […]

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Context Matters

I am not a minister in New York City. I am not a minster in a college town or on a college campus. I am a minister in a small rural community in central Texas called Taylor. Here, the opium of the masses is apathy. Apathy as opposed to equally seductive intellectualism. Of course I’m […]

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