Called and Carried

Paul says that with this meal, we are proclaiming the Lord’s death until he comes. But why His death? Of course the cup/wine (or in our case, the juice) represents the blood He spilled, and the bread represents His body that was broken for us. But why does God want our eating and drinking this meal to proclaim the death of Jesus?

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Beyond Their Bellies

Those who think of nothing higher than this world are dead. Christ is the true Bread of Life and the true Bread from Heaven those who come to Him will not hunger and whoever believes in Him shall never thirst. He has invited us to this table so that we would remember this, and look to Him by faith.

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Gideon’s Baptism Exhortation

This Lord’s day Ej and I baptized our new baby, Gideon. Our church is non-denominational and has been historically credobaptist. After having to baptize my first two sons in private ceremonies the leadership finally agreed to allow the households to decide the matter for themselves rather than exclude families based on this particular belief. I am so grateful […]

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Be Merry

Merry Christmas. So much more than a greeting or a salutation. Merry Christmas is code for “The Child has been born, the Savior King is alive. He is reigning and His Kingdom is increasing. And nothing and no one can stop it or slow it. He is coming again and I want you to know […]

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