Irony of Mother’s Day – by Ej

It’s so tempting to expect great things on this day. To expect to relax. To get enough sleep. To breeze through the day. To be catered to. To not cook, not wash, not change a diaper, nor feed a baby. I planned to get up feeling refreshed, have all 5 kids bathe and dress themselves, get themselves in the car and to church silently while I breezed along with them. No spankings, no stern voices and no repeating myself. It is Mother’s Day after all. Don’t they know?

But as I’m feeling aggravated at them I realize how selfish, and honestly hypocritical I am.

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Thoughts On Gideon’s Birthday

Gideon, my youngest child of three, turned one year old today. We sang, had cupcakes, and gave him a little something. While our simple festivities were going on it struck me that this birthday party looked very different than when my first child turned a year old. It seemed like such a big deal to me and my wife then such that we felt obligated (not in a bad way) to celebrate differently, to some, even appearing over the top.

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Can an infant be a Christian?

As my wife and I get ready to meet and baptize our soon coming little boy, these are some of the thoughts rolling around in my head. We are pedobaptist. We baptize our children as infants, welcoming them into the covenant. I do this because I believe Biblically they are to be counted as members […]

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Do Likewise

As parents it is our natural disposition to protect our children. Obviously, this is not a bad thing. We can all recall instances, whether as a parent or a child, where we have experienced first hand this parental instinct. However, because we are all sinners by nature, this good and beneficial instinct, like the rest […]

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