A Defense of Calvinism

The following is taken from here and was written by Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) who was a Calvinist although he preferred as do I, to be called a Christian. This article, while long gives a good overview of the doctrine.  “The old truth that Calvin preached, that Augustine preached, that Paul preached, is the truth that I […]

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Spiritual Gifts & Cessationism

Here is a good conversation and a much needed conversation. Doug Wilson interviews Mark Driscoll on the subject of spiritual gifts and cessationism. If you don’t know what cessationism is, don’t worry they’ll cover that in the video. If you don’t know what spiritual gifts are, you probably won’t find this video very helpful or […]

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Re: end of the world as we know it?

Here’s one from the archives… Just found an article entitled “‘Fusion Centers’ Expand Criteria to Identify Militia Members” on foxnews.com and thought it was pretty interesting in an alarming kind of way.  I submit to you that it won’t be long before christianity is put on the list of “unsafe” organizations to be monitored and labeled as domestic terrorist and national security […]

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