Wedding Toast – Spencer & Mareli

Friends, family, and everyone else,

When I look at Spencer and Mareli; when I think about them as a couple and the beautiful future that lies ahead of them, I can think of much to celebrate and much to look forward too. Like cousins, or turning 21.


This couple’s engagement was intense. On top of the obvious agony of waiting for this day (and night) to finally come, this couple has endured test and trial. They have experienced the sweet and bitter providence of God and by His grace they have faithfully persevered.

On this day as we celebrate marriage and all it’s glorious beauties, I want to specially commend Spencer and Mareli for their steadfastness. Many people this couple looked to as family, as examples, and as leaders, over this past year have deserted them. They have watched couples twice and even three times their age behave with less couth than the four dogs in my parents back yard, and less courage and conviction than a Republican running for office.

Mareli, in spite of all of the slander and lies directed toward the family you would soon become a part of, you never wavered. You still wanted the name.

Like myself, like my family, and like all of you, this couple is not without their weaknesses plenty. They are not immune to failure. However, Spencer and Mareli have been a display of commitment and maturity and perseverance. This is a testament alone to the sovereign grace of God upon their lives. I am comfortable to say on their behalf that it is this God and this grace that has determined and defined every fiber of who they are.

Mareli, on this day that you look so incredibly beautiful, I believe it is fitting that I praise one of the even greater beauties you possess—that is the beauty of submission. In our culture, this is a rare gem and you wear it well. It is encouraging and refreshing to see such a young woman embrace joyfully your role submitted to your husbands headship, and to understand it as a glory and honor and not a burden or a joke.

Spencer, the sacrifice and love you have shown for your bride is commendable. It reminds me of someone else I know. You have found a good wife and you don’t need me to tell you that.

I trust that what you have shown to one another, to me, and to the people in this room and beyond is only but a taste of the many volumes that your marriage is going to demonstrate.

Let’s raise a glass to the beautiful couple.

May God, for His supreme glory grant you everything you want and children to share with.

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